AHAM Asset Management Berhad ("AHAM Capital") (formerly known as Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad), Registration No: 199701014290 (429786-T) is a company incorporated in Malaysia with its place of business at Ground Floor, Menara Boustead, 69 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. AHAM Capital is offering to its Investors and/or Unitholder/s (hereinafter referred to as "you") a web-based facility to assist you in the administration of your Unit Trust investments i.e. web facility or to conduct online transaction.

WHEREAS the Users are desirous of availing the Facility offered by AHAM Capital and are agreeable to the following terms and conditions:

    "Email Login" means the email address you registered for the use of the web facility or online transaction.
    "Fund" means any of the funds established and/or managed by AHAM Capital and to which you are an Investor to such Fund.
    "Online Transaction" means the Unit Holders are able to conduct online switching application/ transaction through this Portal.
    "Password" shall mean an alpha-numeric code supplied by AHAM Capital which you must disclose in the appropriate box during each login session.
    "Personal Account" means your account maintained by AHAM Capital which is accessible by you via this Portal.
    "Portal" shall mean this web-based site.
    "SC" means Securities Commission of Malaysia established under the Securities Commission Act 1993.
    "Unit" means a measurement of the right or interest of a Unit Holder in the Fund and means a Unit (including a fraction of a Unit) of the Fund.
    "Unit Holder" shall mean a participant who is a registered holder for the time being of a Unit of any particular Fund.
    "Web Facility" means the online facility provided by this website for Unit Holders to check their investment information including Units held transaction history, etc.

    Only Unit Holders of any particular Fund shall be eligible to use the Web Facility or conduct the Online Transaction.

    As a new user, you will be required to sign up for a new Email Login. You will have to complete a set of fields accurately and you are advised to complete the fields personally. When you complete the required fields, an access code will be sent to you via email. You may enter the access code in the webpage and click proceed.
    Existing clients of the Company will be prompted to input NRIC/Passport number for account linking purposes. A separate access code will be sent to your registered phone number to proceed.
    The correct input will lead you to have access to your Personal Account. Access to your Personal Account allows you to conduct Web Facility and/or Online Transaction.
    You are entitled to only ONE Password notwithstanding that the Units are held jointly. AHAM Capital will not entertain any application for more than one Password to access each Personal Account.
    In accessing your Personal Account, please note that AHAM Capital may assume certain factors and is not obliged to ascertain or verify the information or the specific user that accesses to this Portal. AHAM Capital may assume that the person completing the field is the registered Unit Holder and the Access Code was provided to you. Hence, the person using the Portal is you.

    1. You are permitted to conduct the following matters using this Portal:
      1. Web Facility
        This allows you to check your Personal Account in relation to transaction history, the Units you currently hold and also allows you to change your personal information such as your correspondence address, phone number, etc.
      2. Online Transaction
        Subject to any limitation that AHAM Capital or SC may impose, you may request to switch your Units.
        You must comply with the constitution documents of a Fund (whether the deed, prospectus or information memorandum) before the Online Transaction may be effected.

    1. You hereby give and will continue to give AHAM Capital the authority to act in accordance to your request.
    2. In giving effect to your request, you acknowledge that AHAM Capital is neither obliged nor required to enquire the legitimacy of your request.
    3. You are reminded that your request made using this Portal does not necessarily result in a speedier process.

    1. You shall not disclose / divulge your password to any person and shall ensure that no other person gains access to it.
    2. You shall, at all times, be bound by any terms and conditions attached to the use of this Portal.
    3. You agree that AHAM Capital reserves the right to ask you for an oral or fax confirmation of any request using this Portal and / or any additional information regarding any transaction request.
    4. You agree that AHAM Capital may suspend you from the use of this Portal in whole or in part, at any time without prior notice in the event you do not comply with any of the terms and conditions attached to this Portal or any modifications thereof.
    5. You agree that you shall be responsible to ensure protection and confidentiality of your password and any disclosure thereof shall be entirely at your own risk.
    6. You shall notify AHAM Capital immediately if the record of your password is lost or have been stolen or once you are aware or suspect another person knows or has used your password without your authority.
    7. You shall be responsible for your own PC anti-virus and security measures to help to prevent any unauthorized access via this Portal to your personal account and AHAM Capital shall not be liable of any such unauthorized access.

    Please note that AHAM Capital explicitly disclaims any liability for any losses that you may incur for the usage of this Portal. These losses include but not limited to property, monetary or otherwise.

    Please note that this Portal belongs to AHAM Capital and are protected by applicable copyright, patent, trademark or any other intellectual property law. You are NOT permitted to reproduce, transmit, sell, display, distribute, publish, broadcast, circulate, modify, disseminate, or commercially exploit such information into any format whatsoever.

    1. Termination by you
      You may terminate the usage of this Portal at any time by giving a written notice to AHAM Capital.
    2. Termination by us
      1. AHAM Capital may terminate your usage of this Portal without prior notice on occurrence of any of the following events (i) non-compliance of the terms and conditions herein; (ii) death, insolvency, bankruptcy or liquidation of the User; (iii) any other causes arising out of operation of law; (iv) or such other reasons as AHAM Capital deems proper, and (v) misuse or abuse of the facility offered.
      2. AHAM Capital may also at any time suspend your right to use this Portal via a written notice to the User for such reason and for such time period it may deem fit at its discretion. AHAM Capital will not do this without good reason.

    You undertake to comply with and agree to be bound by all applicable laws and statutory requirements and also to follow diligently ensuring compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.

    AHAM Capital shall keep the information relating to your use of this Portal confidential.
    Provided however that AHAM Capital shall be entitled to disclose such information or particulars pertaining to you to any statutory authorities or otherwise as may be required by law.

    Please read AHAM Capital’s Privacy Notice available on its corporate website.
    v Capital shall not sell or market any personal information or personalized data of its Users to any unaffiliated organizations. AHAM Capital shall maintain the User's personal information and data according to strict standards of security and confidentiality. 

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