Internet Risk
This i-Access portal is an online facility that provides the user access to functions such as online transactions and account enquiries. As such the user may be exposed to risks associated with hardware and software failure. Users should also be aware and acknowledge the risks involved when performing any transactions or enquiries online.

Whilst AHAM Asset Management Berhad ("AHAM Capital") (formerly known as Affin Hwang Asset Management Berhad), Registration No: 199701014290 (429786-T) is committed to maintaining a high level of security to ensure the security of the information provided, there are risks beyond our control. As a precaution, users should always ensure that the personal computer used is secured and protected from unauthorised access and/or virus that may reveal confidential information to a third party. Users should also be wary of email scams and attachments that may attempt to obtain personal information via illicit means.

Please note that any communications via the website is not via a private or secure link or in an encrypted form and is therefore subject to the usual hazards of Internet communications. AHAM Capital cannot guarantee that this communication has not been subjected to unauthorised interception or modification.

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